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Green River Ordinance

Green River Ordinance is an American rock band from Fort Worth, Texas. Their name refers to Green River Ordinances, laws which prohibit door-to-door sales unless the house’s owner gives permission to do so.

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Green River Ordinance (GRO) is a band that anyone who loves rock and/or alternative music needs to discover.

The band, started by brothers Jamey and Geoff Ice, is from Forth Worth, Texas. Their local newspaper, The Fort Worth Weekly, named them the Best New Band of 2003. A host of other accolades, including Best Artist, Rock Album of the Year, and Song of the Year came in 2006. There are plenty more accomplishments, including being named Top Unsigned Band of the Year (also in ’06), but you get the idea here – these guys aren’t lightweights.

Despite all these awards, the first time I had even heard the name of the band was on The Rock Boat IX, a music cruise that, this past year, went to the Bahamas (highly recommended by the way, it is an absolute blast). Besides thinking that they had a funny name, I didn’t think much of them until I saw them perform.

The fans that weren’t won over by their live performances of “Come On” and “Goodbye LA” (which weren’t many) were definitely swayed by their humorous – but entertaining – take on Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).” Don’t let your possible dislike for that song  sway your opinion of the band though.

GRO has released two full length albums, The Beauty of Letting Go (2007), and Out of My Hands (2009). There was also a time when you could download an EP and B-Sides compilation for free online.

Obviously both of these releases are excellent – if they weren’t I would not be featuring the band on the site. Out of My Hands, however, is where the band truly shines. The first time I listened to the disc, I let it play straight through….twice. Piano Ballad? Check (“On Your Own”). Catchy songs with sing along chorus? Check (“Outside” and “Different”). Song that your girlfriend would be delighted to hear you dedicate to her? Check (“Learning”).

While the above may make it seem like Green River Ordinance is nothing but a band trying to hit all the bases with their major label debut, the difference is that all the songs are extremely well done. I don’t really want to compare them to anyone else because to truly appreciate their music I feel like you should listen to them and take in what they have done to craft their own sound. You can never quite put a finger on just one band who would be a main influence. I feel like a mash-up of Coldplay, Collective Soul, and Gavin Degraw would start to describe it. If you don’t like those bands….then forget I ever said that and listen to these guys anyway.

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